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Ada Leroux (Salon Owner)

Ada Leroux
Ada Leroux

About Owner

When, I was 16 yrs. I convinced my dad to take me to Evelyn's beauty land it was a famous hair weaving salon in New York city to get my very first hair weave. l would see her commercial on t.v. in the jingle song went something like this  “ Be the kind of women you want to be at Evelyn's beauty land” l was convinced that she could make me into the women l wanted to be and to my surprise she did l was hooked on wearing hair weaves l loved having long hair it felt really nice.So, many years after l decide to  move to Los Angeles attended beauty college where l earned a master in cosmetology . After graduating from beauty school and working in the beauty industry for many years, l started noticing a trend many of the my new clients who were coming to me, were having hair extensions improperly installed by other hair stylist who used poor quality hair or even worst they were experiencing hair loss. Needless to say it was very disturbing to me so that is when l decided to take action first to find great quality human hair for weaving and wig making and make these products readily available to you. l started volunteering with the American Cancer Society as appearance coordinator and with the Look Good Feel Better initiative it was a extremely rewarding experience  helping these wonderful ladies look good and find a great wig.It was during my time that l realized was to be a positive force in women's lives by way of pampering women while adding value bringing the salon experience right to their doorsteps.


Services Offered: Consultation Service Non- surgical Hair Restoration Hair & Wig Designer


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Ada  Leroux
Ada Leroux


Ada Leroux Hair

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Lawrenceville, GA 30045, USA

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Extensions, Highlights, Ladies Hair Cut, Multicultural/Others, Permed/textured hair, Short-length hair, Weaves, Wigs


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Our vision at Ada Leroux Hair is to bring the salon experience to you that leave you  feeling more beautiful and empowered. Our services includes the following: Transformational hair styles for women who have partial hair loss  wigs made to order and various hair types of hair extensions.

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