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Kim Connell

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Kim Connell -  Silver Spring, MD,  USA.  Kim Connell, International Educator and Master Tailor, is passionate about sharing her wealth of tailoringexperience with the beauty industry. As a Master Tailorfor over 20 years in the high-end retail industry, Kim has been trained to be meticulous in every facet of her work, enabling her to enhance and perfect the art of weavingand wig making. Her expert Master Tailoring skills were first acquired from creating garments for the body andnow she translates them into creating weave and wig “garments” for the head. Her exclusive “Tailored Touch Weaving Technique” ™ focuses on ensuring that as much attention to detail is given to creating thefoundation as it is to creating the closure and the hair style.

Unlike techniques of the past, this progressive approach allows beauty artists to create dynamic, natural-lookingweaves that exceed customer’s expectations. By infusing her high quality craftsmanship as a Master Tailor into the simplest weave and wig designs, “The Tailored Touch Weaving Technique” ™ transforms the essence of the hair’s potential to look unbelievably realistic. Combiningthe science of tailoring with the art of weaving and wig-making Kim hopes to propel the hair beauty industry into the next dimension.

After launching her 8-series instructional DVD collectionfeaturing “Tailored Touch Weaving Technique” ™, Kimhas received an overwhelming response. These DVDs give an in depth tutorial of every element for achieving the perfect weave while also introducing healthy alternatives to bonding and overly-tight cornrows. A gentle yet more efficient approach featured on the DVDs makes Kim’s skill level attainable for all. With more DVDs to come, Kim plans to reach even more up and coming stylists with her innovative weaving creations.

The unique and dynamic “Tailored Touch WeavingTechnique” ™ has been taught throughout the United States and internationally, from the Dominican Republic to Trinidad and Tobago. With 250 attendants at any given class, Kim has been an inspiration for stylists to beinventive and resourceful. Positive testimonials from attendees have proven the effectiveness of Kim’s skill level in the classroom.

Her work has been highlighted at the Bronner BrothersHair Show, Hair Expo, Spectrum International Beauty Expo (SIBE), Texas International Hair Show, Extension Expo, and the like. High-end hair magazines such asEssence, Black Sophisticate’s and The Hair Extension Connection, as well as beauty schools and salons across the nation have featured the work of Kim Connell, a phenomenal weave specialist.

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