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Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA

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Angela Scriber
Angela Scriber


AngieStyles, LLC.

5810 Jamestown Road

Hyattsville, MD 20782, USA

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Artificial Nails, French Manicure, Hand Painted Designs, Nail Artistry, Nail Enhancements, Nail Re-balancing, Nail, Hand and Foot care, Natural Nails, Spa Manicure/Pedicure


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By Appt.



The idea of my Salon is to give you that private and personal time that you need. To unwind from a hard day at work or a long day with the kids. Call when you think you need that time. It's Relaxing and Refreshing. Just you and me. No salon noises and smells. A peaceful and relaxing experience, that's what you need. Call or email me when you are ready. If you are in the area and feel the need to be pampered call ahead. I'm here for you pampering needs. JUST CALL AHEAD Visit website:


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